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With 2020 behind us, a new year means new opportunities to develop your business growth strategy and stand out in 2021. As we inch closer toward a return to normalcy, now is the time to refine your communications approach and reinvest in your loyal customers and target audiences. From content marketing and social media tactics to media relations and event planning, there’s no shortage of opportunities for your business to get in front of customers and prospects this year to build brand awareness and improve lead generation. If new customers, growth and expansion are your goals for this year, check out our list of 10 ways to stand out in 2021. 

Increase Purpose-Driven Communications

One of the biggest shifts in brand communication in recent years is the need to incorporate a purpose-driven narrative. It’s not enough for your company to offer goods or services at a reasonable price and expect loyalty from customers. In order to stand out in 2021, your company must have clearly defined values that are expressed publicly through words and actions from team members or your organization as a whole. 

However, before you start committing to a trendy cause as part of your business growth strategy, keep in mind that certain hot-button issues can present blowback if they aren’t handled delicately and consistently. If you’re looking for a place to start, focus on a cause that is meaningful to your team and your target audience. Making this purpose a part of your brand will lead to a deeper connection with customers when it is consistently and thoughtfully incorporated into all of your messaging.

Partner With Influencers

The value of influencer marketing to help your business stand out in 2021 can’t be overstated. According to a 2018 report from Digital Marketing Institute, influencer marketing campaigns earn $6.50 for every dollar spent and 49 percent of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. While social media campaigns and content marketing efforts should also be included in any business growth strategy, partnering with an influencer provides valuable third-party credibility. 

When searching for potential influencers, focus on those with relevance to your brand and don’t get too hung up on follower count. In fact, a smaller audience is one of the many benefits of working with micro-influencers. Even without the glamour of millions of followers, they are often part of a niche community that can lead to more direct engagement with your target audience even if they don’t reach as many people.

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Hone Your Virtual Event Capabilities

Virtual events have become the norm for many organizations during the age of COVID-19.  That trend will continue beyond the pandemic given the relative convenience and lower cost when compared to live events. Hosting an exceptional virtual event is a surefire way to stand out in 2021, but only when it is properly planned and executed. Throwing something together at the last minute could cause more harm than good for your brand. 

The ideal date and time, promotion tactics and preparation for any hiccups are just a few of the steps that should be included in any virtual event planning. It’s also important to develop ideas to engage with your audience, such as taking suggestions or providing a Q&A opportunity. From conferences and shows to tutorials and behind-the-scenes tours, there are any number of ways to make virtual events a part of your business growth strategy. 

Keep Up With New Social Platforms

Social media staples like Facebook and Instagram likely aren’t going away anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be other social platforms rising to their level. One example is TikTok, a video-sharing network that has soared in popularity since its debut in 2016. According to DataReportal, TikTok has 689 million monthly active users, more than Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest or Reddit.

Many social platforms come and go (remember MySpace and Xanga?), but those that show staying power can provide new opportunities for reaching and engaging with your target audience. It’s important to note that not every platform will be ideal for your brand, as evidenced by the fact that 41 percent of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24. However, keeping up with any new platforms that arise will allow you to identify those that aren’t worth your time and those that can help you stand out in 2021.

Utilize Integrated Marketing Communications

Consistency is key when it comes to brand communication. From advertising and sales promotion to public relations and social media, having all aspects of marketing communication work together as one unified force is essential to develop deeper connections with your audience and stand out in 2021. This is where an integrated marketing communications plan comes into play. 

It starts with clearly defined goals that every member of the team works toward. From there, ensure that all of your organization’s communication channels are aligned under the same strategy. Spreading your message across various platforms and channels will allow you to reach a larger audience, while the consistency of the message will increase brand recognition and trust. 

Become a Source For Journalists

An emphasis on thought leadership is a key component of any business growth strategy and becoming a relied upon source for journalists can help you reach that goal and stand out in 2021. Regardless of the beat they cover, reporters will always need the help of experts for certain details. Becoming that expert in your field can be a boon for your business, but it requires effort and commitment. 

Start with creating and sharing your own relevant content to showcase your expertise. It also helps to be active and engaging on social media with reporters, bloggers and other media members that cover your industry. Many journalists use Twitter and other platforms to pursue story ideas and sources. By staying patient and remaining available for interview requests, you can become a go-to source that media members rely on time and time again. 

Be Flexible

Chaotic, stressful and unprecedented are just a few ways to describe the challenges we all faced in 2020. If there’s one thing those challenges taught us, it’s the importance of being flexible. From shifting to remote work and virtual communication to developing new products and services, businesses that were able to adapt quickly in the wake of the pandemic were able to survive and in some cases, even thrive. 

Hopefully, there won’t be another pandemic to worry about anytime soon, but it’s safe to assume there will be some unforeseen obstacles on the horizon this year. Being able to think on your feet and adapt quickly in those situations is a great way to display your organizational consistency and stand out in 2021. 

Start a Podcast

Given the rise in popularity in recent years and massive Spotify contracts given to Joe Rogan and Bill Simmons, it can be easy to think that it’s too late to jump into the podcasting game. However, the market is still growing all the time and including a podcast in your business growth strategy can help your brand stand out in 2021. Much like a blog or your social media platforms, your business has complete control over the message being delivered on your podcast, making it a valuable tool for building thought leadership. 

Focus on answering the most common questions you hear from customers or provide insight on a trending story related to your field. Providing valuable information that others cannot is the key to having a podcast that resonates with your audience. 

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Don’t Forget About Internal Communication

Often overlooked in favor of advertising or marketing campaigns that drive revenue, internal communication deserves just as much of your attention. With remote and hybrid work becoming more common for many businesses, well executed internal communication is vital to stand out in 2021. Much like any external communication practices, a clearly defined plan is the key to effective internal communication. 

However, this doesn’t mean that every internal communication strategy has to be made from scratch. Maybe you just need a platform like Slack or Microsoft Teams to help everyone stay connected or a team-building exercise to determine the strengths and weaknesses of team members and encourage collaboration. No matter which course of action works best for you, prioritizing internal communication is an important part of any business growth strategy.

Give Back

Donating money, time or resources to a nonprofit or local organization is one of the most rewarding ways that your business can stand out in 2021. The hardships of 2020 were felt by everyone and investing in the community is needed now more than ever. Whether it’s through volunteer work or a charitable donation, giving back is something that every team member can get behind. 

It’s also important to recognize and identify the reason for your philanthropy. Having a clear vision for your philanthropy will make your actions even more impactful to recipients, peers and your customers. Don’t forget to encourage team members to suggest philanthropic opportunities of their own as well, allowing your organization to reach different areas and members of your community.

Keep in mind that this is far from a comprehensive list and there will always be new trends and ideas popping up for your business to consider. If you’re still looking for a way to shake things up and move the needle for your business, you might be interested in one of our Disruption Sessions. We leverage tried and true techniques usually reserved for the creative sector and apply them to the business sector to help your organization embrace the unknown. Regardless of the challenge you’re facing, let’s connect to see if one of our Disruption Sessions can help you stand out in 2021. 

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Account Executive Job Description: 

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  • Write client and internal correspondence effectively and with limited supervision.
  • Successfully plan and execute client activities such as media tours, digital and social campaigns, business missions and/or other special events. 
  • Proactively identify blog content story ideas and work with the supervisor to develop. 
  • Develop relevant blogs, e-newsletters and website content effectively and with limited supervision. 
  • Successfully manage independently the execution of all client content calendars, which can include media relations pitch calendars, blogs, social content and paid media campaigns.
  • Exhibit competency and efficiency in drafting copy for client marketing materials and/or campaigns, such as website content, e-newsletters, collateral materials, paid media campaigns, etc. 
  • As it relates to social/digital media, regularly suggest ideas, manage the planning, and comfortably execute campaigns on behalf of clients. Efficiency with Canva, a plus!
  • Assist in the management of interns, when applicable. 
  • Be proficient in WordPress.
  • Easily navigate agency platforms such as Cision, TVEyes, Sprout Social, Sprinklr.
  • Depending on the needs of the service area, responsibilities may extend beyond the items above as skill sets, client contracts and other extenuating circumstances dictate.

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Account Supervisor Job Description: 
In the Account Supervisor position, a staff member will be responsible for assisting and managing the public relations, content marketing, digital media, account services and/or creative/strategy for clients. This position requires fully developed specialty skills, a strong understanding of the industry landscape and an understanding of client priorities and objectives.
  • Serve as the account strategist/lead and oversee/play a clear leadership role on at least three clients.
  • Manage the implementation of work plans and ensure client deliverables are successfully met on deadline.
  • Play a leadership role in the sales process by identifying additional services to sell to existing clients and assisting with RFP responses, new business proposals, presentations, etc. with senior leadership or independently.
  • Display a strong understanding of and effectively communicate Ghidotti’s service offerings to existing clients.
  • Successfully supervise at least one junior staff member, including providing guidance on their professional growth.
  • Begin to play a role in the agency’s marketing efforts, guiding aspects of certain campaigns and/or helping to execute in their areas of expertise.

Account Services: 

  • Play a clear leadership role in the planning and execution of integrated marketing campaigns for clients.
  • Develop and write comprehensive strategic marketing plans for clients.
  • Handle vendor contracts and ensure proper billing.
  • Demonstrate a clear track record of successfully meeting deadlines and timelines.
  • Handle day-of logistics on behalf of clients, responding quickly and effectively.
  • Assist in providing leadership and professional development on client relations, helping team members improve their skills in managing conflict, presentations, sales, etc.

Client Strategy: 

  • Develop or oversee the visual content creation for client materials, including e-newsletters, website content, digital campaigns, marketing collateral, etc.
  • Oversee the development of marketing materials and branding campaigns.
  • Manage creative marketing campaigns on behalf of clients.
  • Demonstrate a clear track record of leading brainstorms, and providing and implementing creative ideas for proposals, presentations, etc.
  • Continually provide new and ‘fresh’ ideas for proposals, new business proposals and current clients’ marketing campaigns.

Apply for this open position by emailing Bethany Siems at bethany@ghidotti.com.


Media Relations Manager Job Description: 

In the Media Relations Manager position, a staff member will be responsible for assisting and managing the public relations, content marketing, digital media, account services and/or strategy for clients. This position requires fully developed specialty skills, a strong understanding of the public relations industry landscape and an understanding of client priorities and objectives. 

Main Responsibilities – General: 

  • Serve as the account strategist/lead and oversee/play a clear leadership role on media relations client accounts.
  • Display a strong understanding of and effectively communicate Ghidotti’s service offerings to existing clients. 
  • Successfully supervise at least one junior staff member, including providing guidance on their professional growth.

Main Responsibilities – Media Relations: 

  • Develop strategic media relations plans, direct management and outreach for client accounts with the supervision of Senior Leadership.
  • Perform with Senior Leadership to prepare a plan for strategic crisis communications.
  • Manage and facilitate the execution of media relations outreach for special events, programs and major initiatives.
  • Perform as spokesperson and coordinates official responses to media inquiries.
  • Conduct media training with clients in preparation for external media interviews. 
  • Support framing and development of main message points for better positioning prior to media interviews.
  • Prepare speeches, talking points and varied communications materials assisting client spokespersons.
  • Write pitches, backgrounders, press releases, key messages and blog posts.
  • Manage and monitor reporter hotline, client media relations calendar, metrics, media relations processes and press release approvals.
  • Propose ideas proactively for media pitches to stimulate media coverage.
  • Consistently pitch stories and secure strategic media placements assisting client reputation and business goals.
  • Manage and supervise media events along with initiatives defining company stories.
  • Identify proactive stories for trade, business as well as consumer media across multiple client industries.
  • Develop and maintain close media relations to improve press efforts.
  • Identify brands promoting opportunities and improve awareness of services and products.

Main Responsibilities – Client Strategy: 

  • Develop or oversee the visual content creation for client materials, including e-newsletters, website content, digital campaigns (webinar/live stream events), etc.
  • Demonstrate a clear track record of leading brainstorms and providing and implementing creative ideas for proposals, presentations, etc.
  • Continually provide new and ‘fresh’ ideas for new business proposals and current clients’ PR campaigns.

Apply for this open position by emailing Bethany Siems at bethany@ghidotti.com.


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