Best Digital Channels to Tell Your Retirement Community’s Story

When it comes to your retirement community’s content marketing strategy, how and where you share your content is almost equally as important as what you are sharing with your audience. With countless mediums to choose from – including social media, websites and blogs – the goal is to choose the channels that will be the most successful in reaching your target audience. Rather than flooding the market with your retirement community’s content on all channels, focusing your efforts on a few specific outlets will ensure that your marketing plan achieves maximum success. 

Your Website

First impressions matter, which is why your retirement community’s website should be a priority. This is the central hub where you want to drive all traffic from prospective residents. When designing your website, you want it to be as user-friendly as possible, while also telling the stories of what makes your retirement community a great place to settle down. Follow these tips to guide you. 

  • Content – From current resident testimonials to community amenities and local attractions, your content should immerse readers in life at your retirement community. This is what retirees want to know about your community. 
  • Imagery – Everyone, especially retirees, are fond of websites that are informative and easy on the eyes. Make use of photos and videos to highlight the attributes that will attract people to your retirement community. 
  • Mobile Friendly – More than 52% of all website traffic is generated through a mobile device. Meaning, if your community’s website isn’t accessible by mobile phone you’re missing a big opportunity to reach your audience. If your website is cluttered or difficult to explore it can instantly turn prospective residents away from your retirement community. 
  • Personal Touch – Retirees are instantly drawn to businesses that make them feel like more than just a number. Consider including a tab or hyperlink for website visitors to engage and ask questions, then send a response to let them know that you’re reviewing it and will get back shortly. Offering a personalized approach can definitely be a turning point in a retirees’ decision-making process.


A strong social media presence is essential for any content marketing plan, and for your retirement community, Facebook is king. A 2018 poll found that more than half of United States adults from ages 50-64 have Facebook pages, while 32 percent of those above the age of 65 are actively using Facebook. Knowing where to reach your target audience is half the battle, now all you need is an active and engaging presence on Facebook. 

To do this successfully, you’ll need to define a content marketing strategy that will allow your retirement community to build trust and brand recognition with this target audience. Much like your website, photos, videos, blog posts and other content can all be shared on your Facebook page, but putting a plan to what and when to share will be beneficial. Content focused on the needs of your target audience will always generate more leads. But what are those needs? 

Results from ideal-LIVING magazine’s lifestyle questionnaire found that lower property tax and lower state income tax were the most important factors among the list of reasons for relocation or property purchase among retirees, while new/under construction properties were the most popular homes. Activities were also a determining factor, with walking trails, social clubs, wellness or fitness centers, swimming and golf the most common responses. The process of defining a content marketing plan will assist you in learning more about your target group, and in turn, will help you align your content with their needs and answering their most sought after questions. 


When executed correctly, the use of video can be a powerful tool for your retirement community’s marketing campaign. From storytelling to education, there’s no limit to what you can do by incorporating video. Here are some ideas on what your retirement community videos could highlight: 

  • Tours of your retirement community. Show a walk-through of some of the hot spots located in your community or create. 
  • Amenities and Local Attractions. Create a handful of short videos featuring some of the best amenities in your community, or go outside your property to highlight the proximity to local attractions.
  • Resident testimonials. No one knows your community better than its residents. Show a day-in-the-life video of a resident’s favorite weekly activities and why they chose your community as the place to retire.  
  • Live stream. Get in front of prospective residents and answer any questions they may have about your retirement community in real time. 

These days all it takes is a smartphone and a steady hand, so keep it simple. In addition to publishing on your website and sharing on Facebook, your retirement community would benefit from having videos on YouTube. According to recent reports, 79 percent of U.S. adults from ages 55-64 are using YouTube. This age group also has a high probability of sharing content that they find relatable and enjoyable. Therefore, this platform offers you not only a great way to connect with your target audience but also build brand awareness. 


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