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Disruption Sessions

The current state of the world has pushed us all to find new ways of solving business problems.

With consumer habits broken, there is a massive opportunity for us to create and reimagine better experiences, services and products. It’s why we are launching a series of co-creation workshops that we’re calling disruption sessions.

How Can I Use a Disruption Session to Move the Needle?

Disruption sessions are design-thinking workshops that solve business challenges faster with better answers by using industry-honored techniques usually reserved for the creative sector.

If you’re wondering what the best use of a Disruption Session is, think big and through the eyes of your customers … what customer challenges are you currently facing where you need a group of experienced marketers to help you think it through vs a shoot-from-the-hip solution?

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Here are a few examples of how we can help your business navigate new waters.

  1. Market Trend Pivoting

    Example: Financial advisors and others who were riding the trend of the Silver Tsunami need to pivot quickly. COVID-19 will deeply disrupt demographic trends from home buying to migration. The Silver Tsunami has been put on hold, as retirees have suffered losses in their retirement accounts and will participate in the workforce longer.

  2. From Brick-and-Mortar to Digital

    Example: Even pre-COVID-19, retail space was contracting and malls were experimenting in omnichannel environments. The mall of tomorrow will use voice technologies and live-streamed personal shoppers with AV/AR technology. Mobile pay solutions such as Apple Pay and even bitcoin will be the norm. Retail has to adapt before their doors are shut for good.

  3. Telemedicine as a New Norm

    Example: No doubt we can expect the rise of telemedicine to only grow as COVID-19 has taught us it works and that it can mitigate costs spiraling out of control. Everything from allergy appointments to therapy sessions are being handled via FaceTime, Zoom and hundreds of other platforms. Medical providers need to quickly understand their patients’ mindsets in order to survive.

  4. E-commerce's Moment

    Example: Companies who have dipped their toe in e-commerce will need to take the full-on plunge - and quickly. You may be a company with thousands of products for sale on your site, but your customer doesn’t feel like combing through all of them. How do you use past purchase history and market trends to create personalized suggestions for them?

  5. Social Distancing Effect

    Example: Consumers will continue to social distance for months; they don’t want to be in a crowded retail front. How can you re-imagine your buying process to improve wait times and other issues related to a dated purchase process?


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