July 29, 2020
Ghidotti Picks: Marketing Movies

Now more than ever we are appreciating the gift that is Netflix. With so many nights (and mornings, and afternoons) spent at home on the sofa, it’s easy to get into a routine where ‘Are you still watching?’ is a legitimate form of interaction. But now that we’re going on month five (can you believe it!) of adapting our social lives from happy hours to streaming hours, it can be easy to get in a funk of what to watch next. 

In true #TeamGhidotti fashion, we have compiled a list of marketing (er…adjacent) movies that will make you (1) remember why you love the field of work you’re in, (2) laugh at the pure silliness that comes from an early 2000s comedy, and (3) never want anything more in life than Miranda Priestly’s white coat. 

1. The Social Network

Starting off with the most serious, The Social Network is a 2010 dramatic masterpiece set at 2003 Harvard where the social platform we have since grown to love and hate and love again was born. Not only does this movie show the dark side of your business growing too powerful and too fast, but Justin Timberlake’s character gives some incredible insight on how to market yourself as ~cool in your industry. 

2. The Intern

There are few things more heartwarming than Robert De Niro playing a sweet old man, except when Robert De Niro is playing a sweet old man directed by Nancy Meyers. From the same woman that brought you Meryl Streep’s, It’s Complicated and the all-time classic The Father of the Bride, Meyer’s The Intern tells the sweet story of an older generation learning anew amidst the technological buzzing age of millennials. 

3. The Joneses

For something with a bit more excitement, 2009 classic The Joneses plays on the power and status a person or family holds due to their ‘stuff’ – giving a literal meaning to the expression ‘keeping up with the Joneses,’ the fun film exposes what it means to market yourself (all the while delving into the dangers of mass-consumerism). 

4. The Devil Wears Prada

Although not a marketing movie per se, this list would be incomplete without the delight that is Meryl Streep playing an Anna Wintour-Esque magazine editor in The Devil Wears Prada. Funny, sentimental and dramatic, the star-studded cast of Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci and Streep show what it means to be the best, look the best and play the game the best, no matter the consequences. 

5. What Women Want

An oldie but a goodie, What Women Want is a 2000s rom-com that will forever be a marketing agency classic, showing just how far you can (but shouldn’t always) go to make sure you’re targeting your intended audience. Another Nancy Meyers hit, this one is a bit more chauvinistic (it did come out in 2000) but Mel Gibson’s predictable one-liners as an advertising exec slash womanizer will not let you down.


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