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Two-thirds of the research in-house counsel does on law firms is online. Is your content marketing strategy capturing their attention?

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In today’s competitive landscape, law firms can’t grow their businesses without a focus on thought leadership and building trust with clients. In fact, thought leadership executed strategically can create real business results, while thought leadership done poorly can create risks and blow back (and then you’ll need our crisis communications team to help out!).

Our agency has particular expertise in helping law firms and legal marketers create thought leadership platforms fueled by an integrated strategy of earned media and content marketing that increases leads and cases, improves brand recognition and reputation, while also equipping attorneys to sell. Which is why our 4-step strategic process was created. 

The process is called SAME.

Why do we call it SAME? Well, it’s easy to remember for one thing, but, more importantly, it’s the same for each attorney and practice area because it WORKS! Our goals for clients in this program are: 

  • Strategy: Create a strategic planning process that brings about action.
  • Audit: Conduct an audit of current content and get organized.
  • Message: Produce a message map that results in better earned media. 
  • Equip: Train your attorneys to sell.

By adopting our SAME process, your results will be anything but that. You will create results for your attorneys that are unique to them and their practice areas, generating real leads through focused and strategic thought leadership. Our proven process gives your firm the right tools and an actionable plan that creates RESULTS!

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Have you thought about this?

  1. A recent study by Kapost says content marketing wins every time when pitted against paid search. Content marketing offers lower up-front costs and deeper long-term benefits.

  2. Everyone is getting in the content marketing game, but they are oversimplifying things. Instead of content that just repeats a problem or issue, law firms need to distribute content that provides meaningful insights and key steps in solving a problem.

  3. In the 2019 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey (conducted for the legal industry by Greentarget and Zeughauser Group), only 43% of law firms say they have a content strategy, but it’s not documented. We are here to tell you that if you don’t have a DOCUMENTED content strategy, you don’t really have a strategy. To build your leads pipeline and win more business, you must work off a documented strategy that focuses on how you will distribute all that great content that generates real results.

  4. Want leads? Content marketing is not only cheaper than outbound marketing by 62%, it also generates more than THREE times as many leads.

  5. Professional service firms greatly depend on Search Engine Optimization to capture leads. Did you know websites with blog content generated 434% more search-engine-indexed pages than firms with no published content? Wow!

  6. The top methods of content strategy for professional service firms, such as law firms, are email (87%) and educational content (77%). These help nurture relationships, while also building lead pipelines.

  7. It’s all about relevance and value. In the 2019 Greentarget/Zeughauser report, 51% of C-suites say that content that is “not sufficiently relevant” makes it less than excellent, followed by “too salesy” (41%) and “not timely” (39%).

  8. LinkedIn is a key distribution platform for law firms and one that should be effectively integrated in a broader thought leadership strategy. Thirty-one percent of in-house counsel and 59% of C-suite members access LinkedIn at least weekly, according to the 2019 Greentarget/Zeughauser report.

  9. Fifty-five percent of decision makers use thought leadership as an important way to vet organizations they’re working with, according to the 2019 Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study. And that thought leadership must be strategically fueled by content marketing that provides relevance, value and unique perspectives to solve challenges. In fact, 69% of decision makers in the study agree thought leadership is one of the best ways to get a sense of the caliber of thinking an organization can deliver.


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