June 9, 2020
Adena White: Then and Now

Having launched the Blackbelt Voices podcast last year to give a voice to Southern black women, Conway Area Chamber of Commerce Director of Communications Adena White is proud to see so many others pleading for their voices to be heard at peaceful protests in recent weeks. 

“This is a movement that we see going on; it’s more than just a moment,” White said. “There’s a lot that has already happened as a result, and I think we underestimate the power of protest. It’s an important tool for us in our democracy and it’s kind of what we were founded on.”

White, a previous guest in October 2019, shared more with host Natalie Ghidotti on the latest Then and Now episode of The Ghidotti Podcast, including what it means for her to see participation in her home of Conway and how we can keep this moment from passing by without any real change. 

Stay Tuned! 

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