August 23, 2019
Jade Terminella: Company Club

Jade Terminella found her calling as an entrepreneur at a young age. Starting businesses at ages 7 and 12, she really made her mark with Lola, a luxe women’s clothing store in Fayetteville that she started with her sister in 2004 as a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Arkansas. 

“My sister has always been kind of a fashion girl,” Terminella said. “She’s always loved clothes and bags, and at the time, Northwest Arkansas had very limited shopping.” 

Although they worked hand in hand to develop Lola into one of the premier boutiques in all of Arkansas, Terminella gives much of the credit for its success to her sister, Lisa. 

“Really it was her idea,” she said. “I was just the little sister who was going to help do the work and make it happen. She was the brains behind Lola, for sure.” Turns out the sisters were a dynamic duo with Jade working the floor and interacting with customers, and Lisa overseeing the behind-the-scenes operations.

Always with an eye toward the future, Terminella and her sister sold the business after 10 years, but the process didn’t happen overnight. Wanting to ensure that Lola continued to thrive under new ownership, Terminella stayed for another five years during the transition. 

“When you build a business yourself and it is focused around you, it can be hard to pass the torch to somebody else in a successful way that makes everyone happy,” she said.

With Lola now fully under the guidance of its new buyer and operator Hope Cavell, Terminella wasted no time in tackling her next venture. An idea that she had been formulating for over a year, Terminella turned her attention toward Company Club, a members-only women’s club in Bentonville. 

“A lot of it was just noticing what the market needs,” she said. “Northwest Arkansas has a demand for a women’s club and support for women, especially in Bentonville where people are moving from all over the country. On a daily basis, I meet women from places like Seattle, Houston, Florida and Manhattan. They are coming from all over.” 

As a “clubhouse for the modern woman,” Company Club is intended to be a space for women to work, socialize, relax and network. “We refer to it almost as like a blank canvas,” she said. “We want any woman to be able to walk in and feel comfortable.” 

Terminella discussed her plans for Company Club with host Natalie Ghidotti on the latest episode of The Ghidotti Podcast, also sharing more about her career as a boutique owner, as well as some advice for others who have entrepreneurial aspirations. 

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