August 12, 2019
Stacey Margaret Jones: Author of Mr. Catherine

With a poem nominated for a Pushcart Prize and various short stories included in international journals, Stacey Margaret Jones is a writer through and through. While much of her time is devoted to market research consulting as the owner of Ariel Strategic Communications, Jones still found time to release her first novel, Mr. Catherine, in June.

Set in Little Rock, the story centers around a family therapist whose wife, Catherine, has gone missing a year after confessing to having an affair. While he frantically searches for answers as to where his wife has gone, Mr. Catherine withholds her infidelity from police and his own attorney in order to maintain his false sense of pride.

Jones shared her journey in writing Mr. Catherine with host Natalie Ghidotti on the latest episode of The Ghidotti Podcast, also diving into her career with Ariel Strategic Communications, her graduate degrees and her plans for another novel in the future.

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