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As a Content Producer, you will be well-versed in ideation, storytelling and design editing skills to produce well-executed videos, podcasts and digital content. We are looking for someone comfortable owning the whole process, from storyboarding to delivery. This role requires an understanding of storytelling fundamentals and a keen sense of newsworthiness and social media trends. 

Knowledge of content marketing is highly desirable. You will apply storytelling techniques to create engaging narratives and emotional connections with the target audience. In this position you will develop an understanding of the brand's values and objectives, ensuring that the video and digital content aligns with the overall brand identity.


We really want


Someone we can laugh with.


Someone we can depend on.


Someone we can learn from and do great work with.


  • Ideate, produce and edit videos, including storyboarding, on-site production, visual graphics, final packaging and delivery
  • Work on social media content, including video and visual assets. Producing and editing dynamic pieces of content for social, OTT and other digital platform distribution
  • Quick video editing for smaller projects
  • Write and edit scripts as well as other pieces of short-form content like social media post copy or website copy accompanying visual assets
  • Act as producer for client podcast projects, including understanding the strategy and producer role, as well as technical aspects
  • Assisting in website blogs and copywriting
  • Writing, designing and developing highly creative and engaging marketing emails
  • Post-production editing, audio tweaking, design content creation, and animating using Adobe Creative Cloud or other similar tools
  • Building the social media content plan and maintaining a daily calendar
  • Knowing and implementing platform best practices and new trends
  • Executing new ideas to increase engagement and audience growth
  • Strategic expansion to new platforms for clients (Reels, TikTok, YouTube)
  • Supporting marketing campaigns through organic social, email marketing and web
  • Managing and cataloging creative photo and video assets

What We Want

Performance Metrics

  • Demonstrate industry experience
  • Demonstrate proactive thinking and planning
  • Discuss and brainstorm client challenges and opportunities with your account supervisor
  • Demonstrate excellent time management skills
  • Resourceful in finding solutions for client problems


  • 3-4 years of paid experience in videography and photography production
  • Experience on all relevant Social Media platforms in content creation: copywriting captions, short-form visual storytelling (Reels and TikToks)
  • Strong visual storytelling skills (short and long-form video production) and exceptional attention to detail
  • Trend awareness with the ability to investigate and incorporate internal goals with external industry digital presentations
  • Determining KPIs with analytics and reporting
  • Initiating self-starter and team player
  • Good presentation skills in front of C-level execs
  • An unflappable, practical, proactive, mature approach
  • Creative, disciplined, curious, organized

To Apply

Please submit the following via email to careers@ghidotti.com:

  1. Cover letter and PDF of your resume
  2. References: 2-3 minimum
  3. Tell us how you heard about this position