October 10, 2019
Why Your Law Firm’s Focus Should Be On LinkedIn

Social media marketing is one of the most leveraged digital platforms for growing a business today. LinkedIn, launched in 2003, has been a continuously growing source for professional networking. In fact, the platform is accessed by more than 260 million active users monthly with nearly 40% accessing it daily. A recent survey conducted by HubSpot found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter, simply because it allows for deeper targeting and better connections with businesses. Perhaps your law firm already has a LinkedIn profile, but you’re not sure how to integrate this within your content strategy in a way that will capture attention and garner real results. Here are some ways LinkedIn works to expand your content reach and better position your firm for lead generation. 

LinkedIn Allows For Content Leverage

With such a vast number of social media users, including many firms just like yours, how do you compete? The great thing about LinkedIn is although user growth is constant, the content is not covered up with pictures of a co-worker’s kid’s soccer game or the latest viral dog video. Less clutter creates more opportunity for your content to be seen by the right targeted groups. 

Most every law firm realizes the importance of digital marketing to include email marketing and blogging, but oftentimes that is where it stops. In order for your content to generate leads it must be shared across multiple channels. LinkedIn provides not only a means to share your content, but an avenue to connect with others in the industries you serve. More specifically, LinkedIn Groups offer a personalized way for you to really hone in on your firm’s target market by sharing insights directly with those you consider prospects. In this way you are creating better opportunities for referrals and further sharing of your content that will drive leads at a much higher rate. 

LinkedIn Creates Expert Positioning

Just like any social media business profile, consistency in your messaging is key, as long as it’s providing value to those consuming it. Whether you’re sharing industry advice or discussing the latest high profile court case, successful thought leadership should focus not only on the creation of great content but also content curation. 

LinkedIn is the breeding ground for industry news and whitepapers that your firm can easily repurpose and share. Providing information that helps to solve a problem for clients and prospects gives your firm credibility and will work to increase trust with in-house counsel. 

LinkedIn Connects Your Firm With Its People

It’s definitely important that your law firm have a presence on the right social channels, but it’s even more important that your attorneys do as well. When General Counsel clients are seeking legal advice, they don’t typically seek out the firm first; instead they’re trying to find the individual attorney who can provide the particular service they desire. Therefore, the best way to highlight your firm’s credentials is to highlight your people. 

In order for LinkedIn to become a successful part of your content strategy, your attorneys may require a little extra training to ensure their profiles are up-to-date and active. If necessary, host a lunch-and-learn to teach your attorneys and staff how to create a LinkedIn profile and distribute not only their own content, but also that of the firm. The quickest way to lose business is for your content to link to an attorney’s profile that hasn’t been touched in months. 

In that same session, help your attorneys and staff learn how to best share the content on your firm’s LinkedIn page. Consider sending an email, Slack or message on your Intranet system to remind them there is a new post on the firm page to like, share and comment on.

Content That Drives Action

From live video shoots and webinars to podcasts and infographics, there are plenty of methods for delivering messages to your target audience. Our agency has particular expertise in creating content that drives action.

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LinkedIn Gives Your Firm a Voice

Due to the professional nature of LinkedIn this social platform is highly trusted. Therefore, your law firm has a great opportunity to have a voice and prove its expertise. So what do you say? Here are some post ideas that can help you share the right message and be found by clients and prospects.

  • Long-Form Content
    What separates LinkedIn posts from other social media sites is that you have much more space to post engaging content that will work to increase your influence. With 700 characters, hashtags, emojis (command, demand, space bar) and @mentions you can share key takeaways from a recent conference you attended or dive into a hot topic that you want to share your expertise on.
  • Native Documents
    Once you’ve posted a new blog to your website don’t just let it sit in one place. Take advantage of LinkedIn to expand the reach of your content and establish your presence. LinkedIn algorithms like when you post .pdf or .doc files directly to your profile because it means you’re keeping readers on the platform. Therefore, it’s important to steer away from outward links when possible because your content is more likely to be found when uploaded directly.
  • Native Video
    Just like any social media, if your content involves professional photography or video your post has a higher probability of capturing the attention of a scroller. Video, specifically, keeps people engaged with your firm and puts a face to the name. Did you attend a recent conference and have some high points to share? How about a recent presentation that you think clients might like to learn more about in a quick tips video. Throwing in a few quick videos here and there will do wonders for building your audience.Don’t forget the subtitles. Studies have shown people are much more likely to finish a video with subtitles.
  • Share Industry Content
    A great feature on LinkedIn is content suggestions. Take a look at what’s happening in the industries you serve and when something seems relevant share it. When you share varied content between you original content it makes your firm appear more credible and less salesy. 

Again, the most important thing is to just keep your profile active and flowing with content your target audience will find valuable. Don’t forget to @mention your firm and any attorneys if necessary so that your content stays connected.


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