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Alliance Rubber

B-to-B Marketing

We have been working with Alliance Rubber Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber bands for many years as its marketing partner, developing the company’s B-to-B outreach to better reach prospective customers and open new markets.

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The Situation:

Alliance Rubber Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber bands headquartered in Hot Springs, Ark., produces approximately 2,200 high-quality rubber products marketed in 55 countries. For nearly a century, Alliance Rubber has been organizing the world in fun, affordable ways. Ghidotti Communications has been working with Alliance Rubber for seven years as its public relations partner. Our agency works to raise awareness in both the B-to-B and B-to-C markets for Alliance, creating push-pull marketing strategies for the company. Rubber bands can be boring if you let them, but Ghidotti Communications works to ensure consumers, companies, media and influencers know all the many uses rubber bands can play in one’s life. Our agency helps on specific B-to-B strategies to reach current and prospective customers with content and messaging that leads to increased sales and fertile ground for the sales team to generate revenue.

The Strategy:

Ghidotti Communications took a B-to-B marketing approach tailored to the manufacturing industry. Using a combination of content important to the manufacturing world (STEM education and innovation, for example) and targeted campaigns, we positioned Alliance as an expert in the industry.

We created a flighted campaign approach with content that addressed many areas of the industry, not just the product that Alliance manufactures. Because Alliance is moving into areas that require innovation and consulting, the strategy is elevating the perception of the caliber of thinking that the company could provide. While B-to-B manufacturing is still reeling from the digital transformation, many buyers and key decision makers are looking for those who stand out in the crowd. In addition to long-form content posted on platforms such as and LinkedIn (through Alliance leadership profiles), we are working with Alliance to create videos, infographics and other visual content that illustrates strategic challenges that custom rubber and silicone manufacturing can address.

The Results:

The content marketing campaign is ongoing but, already, results are showing increased engagement across Facebook and LinkedIn as well as interest through Efforts are currently in place to increase lead generation for custom projects that address industry challenges.


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