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How We Do Things

We represent a variety of clients in a wide array of industries, and we do that on purpose. Serving many industries keeps us fresh and energized and allows us to use best-in-class ideas in one industry for another one. Some industries where we have taken a deep dive include:

  1. Healthcare

    We can’t count the number of times we’ve interpreted “doctor speak” for the average reader. Healthcare is a complicated industry, and we’ve had many years experience in helping providers break down barriers and truly educate and engage with consumers looking to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

    Learn more how we have done this for one of Arkansas’ leading health systems.

  2. Retail

    Working on one of the world’s most iconic brands, McDonald’s, has taught us a thing or two about consumers and their buying habits. We’ve learned that a successful marketing campaign ensures that your paid, owned and earned strategies are all working together to engage a customer with your brand. Along with McDonald’s, we work with Riceland Foods Inc., the world’s largest miller and marketer of rice, helping educate consumers on the benefits of this small, but mighty grain that means a whole heck of a lot to our home state and the world.

    Learn more about how we’ve grown guest counts and sales for McDonald’s.

  3. B-to-B

    Our team has built a strong reputation in thought leadership and positioning companies for growth and improved stakeholder engagement.

    Learn more here.

What We Do

Public relations has always been our foundation, and although we have grown to offer full marketing strategy to our clients, PR is always at the heart of what we do.

We believe our foundation in public relations is a particular capability that is very appealing to our clients in a world where one ill-crafted tweet or one negative interaction with a customer can change a reputation and long-standing relationships overnight. Public relations can no longer stand alone, apart from the other disciplines like marketing and advertising. With social and digital strategies tied so closely to advertising and PR, it’s even more important to completely integrate these functions with the larger marketing strategy.

Content is the new creative, and as a firm grounded in public relations, we are uniquely and perfectly situated to be the go-to content creator for our clients. Our seasoned storytellers understand what makes great content, how to create it and how to give it legs to live on portals beyond an initial posting date. Without a solid content strategy in today’s fast-paced world where everything is at your fingertips, organizations and brands will be lost in the fray – and big media budgets are left to fail.

Our Approach

Our approach to new client work (and, really, client work that has been around for years) is simple. We do our research to learn your challenges and opportunities and how you fit in with your competition.

We focus on reputations, relationships and results. We ask a lot of questions so that we can determine best strategies to meet YOUR key metrics and KPIs. Want to gauge how you are currently doing when it comes to reputation, thought leadership and content marketing? Click here to ask for your very own Guide to Ghidotti, which includes a short quiz to determine how you fare.

We realize we aren’t a fit with all clients and vice versa. If you’re thinking about working with us, learning a bit about some of our best client partnerships may help. They are:

  • Companies looking for strong content marketing strategy and experienced storytellers
  • Marketing and PR teams who value consultants who can bring something extra to the table
  • Companies with little to no marketing/PR leadership or new C-suite leadership that need a reliable, strategic partner
  • Regional and national companies that need a network of boots-on-the-ground PR pros
  • Companies that want to connect with influencers, whether media or the next Insta Superstar
  • Brands that need their story carefully crafted and thoughtfully told
  • Companies facing a crisis that need expert, thoughtful counsel


Marketing / Communications

We help one of the world’s best brands increase sales and guest counts through reputation management and content marketing that successfully maximizes paid media efforts.

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