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Using our findings from the research, we have helped recruit new women and minority officers for the Little Rock Police Department to help empower a growing and thriving police department and place a strong emphasis on community policing.

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The Situation:

The Little Rock Police Department needed a fresh, new, multimedia approach to reach recruits, specifically to target women and minorities to join a growing force.

Our initial research found that in order to effectively engage the desired target audiences – especially Hispanic communities – we needed to do something completely different from the frequently used SWAT/Navy Seal-type action videos that many police departments use to promote themselves. We also conducted focus groups asking current “ideal” police officers in the department about LRPD’s culture and what they valued most about being an officer in Little Rock. Using our findings from the research, we recommended creating a multi-channel campaign focused on a series of videos. These videos would serve multiple purposes – from television, to the microsite, to targeted social media. The videos were designed to capture the attention of potential recruits and encourage them to join the Little Rock police force, focusing on the importance of community.

The Strategy:

In order to deploy the Build a Better Blue message and move potential recruits to action, we created a campaign microsite that organized all messaging, videos and information in an easy, consumable way. We then developed a mix of targeted media that reaches the desired audience of potential women and minority recruits, including high-quality print, digital and broadcast advertising pieces for recruiting purposes.

Other strategies, including media relations, community events and social media/content marketing, were used to increase traffic to the new microsite, where a recruit application is readily available.

A well-attended news conference was also held in one of the newest neighborhood stations to launch the campaign and announce the department’s commitment to recruiting more women and minorities.

The Results:

The Results

  • The Build a Better Blue recruitment campaign for LRPD launched during a May 21 news conference that drew coverage from all four central Arkansas TV stations (KATV, KARK, KLRT, KTHV), along with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (the state’s largest newspaper), HOLA! Arkansas, El Latino and the area’s top news radio station, KUAR.
  • Social media posts and Facebook ads that ran generated a high level of engagement and clicks to the microsite. Cost Per Click and Click-Through Rate results exceeded the national employee/job training industry average (according to WordStream) – CPC of $.25 for LRPD vs. $2.72 industry average and CTR of 3.69% for LRPD vs. .47% industry average.
  • Since the launch of the campaign in May 2018, there has been a 70% increase in LRPD officer applicants, with 760 applications submitted in the two months immediately after the news conference (50 of those came in the day after the event!). Since May 2018, 141 new hires have joined the force, 146% of the original goal of 76.
  • As of February 2019, there were only three officer vacancies at LRPD, a first for the department.
  • Recruitment of women and minorities is currently at an all-time high for the LRPD, with the two recruiting classes that followed the campaign launch comprising 63 percent and 100 percent, respectfully, of women and minority recruits.

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