Social RECHARGE: Time to shake things up on social media?

Maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to connect on social media and build that relationship, but lately things have just been a little bit… eh. You’re just not connecting, not engaging as much as you’d like.

You need a social media strategy to re-engage with your strongest fans, customers and supporters online. It’s time for a Social RECHARGE with Ghidotti.

Here’s how we can help!

Our team of strategists and content marketing professionals will work with you to jumpstart your social media presence with a:

  • Two-hour RECHARGE session with both of our teams.

  • Social media audit of your existing channels.

  • Customized social media strategy with key recommendations, messaging guidance, best practices and tactical details like the best time to post for your audience.

  • 30-day content calendar to jumpstart your social engagement.

  • And graphic templates designed to reinvigorate your brand.


Whether you’re a small to medium-sized business ready to step up your game online or focused on raising your personal brand to the next level, Ghidotti’s one-time Social RECHARGE sessions are designed to help you plug into some fresh ideas and get started in the right direction.

Ready to RECHARGE your social media channels? Let’s set up a time to talk about scheduling and get started!

Schedule a Kick Off Call Today!

Schedule a Kick Off Call Today!

Photograph of a social media strategy session with Ghidotti.

Social Strategy Session

Spend two-hours exploring your goals and current experience on social media with our team of content marketing professionals to generate fresh ideas that take you where you want to go.

Social Media Audit

In order to chart a course forward, our team develops a thorough audit of your current social media channels to understand where you’ve been already. We identify what’s working and where we can improve.

Photograph of a social media content audit underway with the Ghidotti agency.
Graphic design highlighting social media marketing.

Custom Social Media Strategy

Your channels and your audiences are different from other companies. Your social media strategy should be different too. We outline a clear strategy for you with best practices, messaging guidance and tactical details for your team to maintain momentum.

30-Day Content Calendar

We develop one-month of social media content designed to jumpstart engagement with your customers and fans. Let’s give them something to talk about!

Photograph of someone engaging on social media on a laptop and mobile phone.
Overhead photograph showing a graphic designer at work.

Graphic Templates and Design

To help keep up the momentum, we’ll create and share custom templates that your team can utilize to stay on brand and on message long after your 30-day jumpstart is complete.

It’s time to RECHARGE your engagement with customers on social media! As a limited-time engagement, Social RECHARGE sessions with Ghidotti are designed to jumpstart your efforts and give you everything you need to keep the energy flowing.

Schedule your kickoff call today!