Trust us – we know it feels like we post about the importance of developing a content strategy every other day. I mean – it’s what we do! At Ghidotti, we love a good strategy. However, we wouldn’t stress how vital it is if we didn’t think content marketing can become the foundation of your company’s future success. We know it can take time and energy (and not to mention foresight!), but when you get it right, you will reap your reward. We’re already focused on how to create a content marketing strategy, but now it’s time to answer the big question: why? 

Content Strategy Solidifies Your Brand

With a clear content strategy, you will differentiate yourself from your competitors while also identifying your brand and its core values. This is not only important on an external-level when attracting new business opportunities, but is also vital when adding new members to your team. When a company’s content marketing reflects a clear personality, set of morals and aligned tone of voice, it brings home the bacon. 

Strategic Content Marketing Saves You Money

When strategically planned, your content marketing will be cost effective and far-reaching. Rather than throwing time and money at earned media only when opportunities arise, having a clear content strategy will help you create a calendar that combines coverage by media and influencers with paid media, owned media and shared media. Once you execute this strategy across different channels of outreach, your organic search (SEO) results will skyrocket.

Content Strategy Builds Lasting Client Relationships

A clear content strategy will help you build relationships with your clients, customers and other key audiences. With strategy comes reliability, and with reliability comes trust. Once that trust is secured, you’ll gain a network of local clients that will act as referrals. What company doesn’t want that? 

Content Marketing Consistency is Key

Having a clear strategy will bring consistency to your content marketing that your customers will learn to look forward to. Rather than a feed of hollow filler posts, your customers will benefit from a series of well-thought out content that can directly benefit the work they do. From this reliability, you’ll garner a following of customers and potential customers who are choosing to subscribe to your content and your brand. This network is your best friend. Because you offered them value, these ‘subscribers’ will share your content (virtually or by creating conversation) which will build momentum compared to your competitors. 

You’ll Find What You Need

A clear content strategy helps your company recognize missed opportunities. With each new piece of content and by analyzing metrics, you will learn something new about your customers and the value they see in working with you. You will learn what kinds of content marketing to hone in on as well as to avoid. Once you have all this information laid out on the table, you and your team can then come up with even more innovative ideas that deliver real results.