2020 has proven challenging for brands globally, but it’s also provided an opportunity to tackle new challenges with innovative ideas. Many of those ideas were on display at this year’s Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) Best Practice Awards Gala. Ghidotti joined PRGN and its 53 leading public relations and marketing agency members around the world earlier this year and we’re proud to say our work showed well as one of the network’s newest members.

At the 2020 PRGN global virtual awards ceremony, Ghidotti earned high marks in two categories. Competing with some of the brightest minds in public relations around the world, our team earned a second place nod in social media communications and a third place showing in crisis communications management. 

Social Media Communications for Catholic High’s Giving Tuesday

Ghidotti earned a second place recognition for our Giving Tuesday social media campaign for Catholic High School. The campaign included a series of coordinated Facebook Live walking tours through the high school, featuring key students, educators and standout alumni. The live streams integrated with the school’s philanthropic email outreach and exceeded all expectations. 

The campaign raised $80,338 for Catholic High School, 61% above the desired goal of $50,000. The Facebook Live videos were a resounding success, attracting the most views of any videos posted to the school Facebook page in more than two years! The many supportive comments also made it clear that people LOVED seeing rare glimpses into the school hallways. Their outpouring of support also meant that hundreds of students had access to scholarships for the coming school year and the opportunity to be a part of a special brotherhood formed at one of Arkansas’ top high schools. 

Crisis Communications Management for McDonald’s

With no shortage of crisis in 2020, Ghidotti took third place among PRGN’s global agencies for our work managing crisis communications for approximately 413 McDonald’s restaurants and dozens of local owner-operators across Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee and Mississippi. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team quickly put existing public relations campaigns for the year on hold and pivoted to focus on crisis communications across the region. Those efforts focused on thoughtful, helpful communications to ensure guests knew their local McDonald’s was still open for business, driving brand loyalty, celebrating our front line employees and mitigating potential negative news coverage.

If your team is looking for new ideas to help your business achieve measurable, exceptional results in the year ahead as well, be sure to contact Ghidotti to explore how our team can help.

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